The whiskey is good, but the meal is spoiled.

One of my favorite things about marketing is the way a company can project a certain value system to the mass market. Have you ever met an employee of a company that you had bought in full-board to the ideas they projected; but you were quickly turned around when you heard this individual speak? It’s a very disappointing experience, to say the least.

The truth of the situation is that it is much cheaper for a company to build expensive commercials and buy prime time slots than to actually work on producing a culture that exudes the values that they preach. The entire reason that I wanted to write this post is because I am guilty of this as well. When it is time to give a morale speech to employees or discuss what our company is like with someone outside, it is very easy to wholly believe in the values that we have set forth.

The problem is in my daily communication with employees while we are on task. Being a virtual company, my speech and other communications with employees is all they have to go on. They do not have access to see me working on a daily basis, so their entire picture profile of me is primarily based on what I say (backed up by what I do). This is a different problem than most companies have with the values situation, but it is just as detrimental. The good news is that it will be easier (and cheaper) for us to make corrections compared to a company who would have to train tens of thousands of people to believe what their commercials say.

So here’s to a renewed dedication to not only preaching our values when the soapbox is mine, but communicating that message each and every time I interact with our team.

The whiskey is good, but the meal is spoiled. This saying is supposedly from a reverse translation of the saying, “The Spirit is willing; but the flesh is weak.” Our companies should act like one entity. Our people are the flesh that people see. Do yours project your true spirit?


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